Adonis-Pharma d.o.o., a company seated in Zagreb, is engaged in representation, agency, import and wholesale of medicinal products on the territory of the Republic of Croatia.

The Company specializes in the sale of dehydrated microbiology substrates, finished microbiology substrates, diagnostic tests and laboratory consumables by renowned international manufacturers.

As a customer-oriented company, we are focused on personalizing our offer, making it very flexible. We believe in providing complete support to our clients because each client request requires an individualized approach and solution on our part.

As a team, we are extremely enthusiastic, energetic and experienced in the area of our product range. Our company is powered by its people who come from various professional environments. We also cooperate with specialists in the field of microbiology who provide our customers with continuous support.

Our business policy is based on, among other, the following strategic determinants:

  • expanding the customer network;
  • establishing partnerships with the leading international manufacturers of pharmaceutical products;
  • improving the efficiency and quality in partnership with our suppliers and customers.

Established in 1960, Condalab is Spain’s first manufacturer of dehydrated substrates used in microbiology and molecular biology, as well as one of the world leaders in this field. Condalab is also famous for their offer of key ingredients, some of which are agar, peptone and agarose.

The company’s factory in Madrid exports into more than 120 countries all over the world, through its own offices and authorised distributors.  A team of excellent people combined with high-quality products is the main contributor to Condalab’s international success.

The company’s enthusiasm and energy guarantee it will continue to grow, improve and strive to become the international reference brand. The team’s enthusiasm encourages them to continue innovating, explore new paths, set an example and search for new and better ways to do what they do best.

BIOLAB d.d. was established in December 1991 as the first privately-owned company in the field of the microbiology market in Hungary.

They began exporting in 2000, and now their products can be found on the markets of 44 countries on five continents (Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Australia). Their most significant customers come from the neighbouring countries and the EU Member States, such as Great Britain, Germany and Belgium – the countries with the most developed microbiology sectors in the world.

Biolab offers high-quality products at an affordable price. Their products are manufactured according to the quality assurance standard ISO 9001:2000, and those of their products that are subject to Directive 98/79/EC carry the CE marking. The company implemented the integrated corporate management system (SAP) in 2009.

Biolab is Hungary’s leading supplier of microbiology laboratories in the following areas: healthcare, food and water microbiology, mineral water and soft beverages industry, university and scientific research, veterinary and pharmaceutical industry.

MWE believes high-quality stable specimens are the vital basic component for any analytical test, whether in relation to new pandemic viruses, micro-organisms that cause food-borne diseases or forensic traces of human DNA and other substances found at crime scenes.

Created by Stanley Broggio in 1952, MWE is now the world’s leader in diagnostics, with special expertise in products for sampling and transporting of samples.

In 1975, Stanley’s son Nigel Broggio invented and launched Transwab®, the world’s first commercial semi-solid medium transport device. Transwab® remains the defacto industry standard across the globe.

FL Medical is Italy’s leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment manufacturing laboratory products for medical technology since 1979.

Year after year, the company has become increasingly successful in manufacturing medical laboratory equipment continuously improved through hard work. They love their work and do it well. Theis success is largely a result of their struggle to offer their customers not only high-quality medical laboratory equipment, but also experience, professionalism and the most comprehensive warranties.